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Disposing of any household appliance isn't an easy task as they can be a very large and bulky. Knowing how to dispose of your old fridge or chest freezer can be a big relief. 

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Disposing of your fridge or freezer 
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You need to check if your fridge or freezer contains F gas before you get rid of it.

Some fridges and freezers contain fluorinated greenhouse gas (or ‘F gas’).
The type of F gas usually found in fridges and freezers is hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) gas.
You should check the instruction manual that came with your fridge or freezer to find out if it contains one of the following:

  • HFC 134a
  • HFC 245fa
  • HFC 3465mfc

F gas fridges and freezers stopped being produced from 1 January 2015.

You can still buy or sell an F gas fridge or freezer if it was made before this date.

The fridge doors may need to be removed due to safety reasons before collection.

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There are 3 legislation acts relating to responsible fridge disposal

Removal of ODS (EC regulation 2037/2000)

All refrigerating units that contain ODS (ozone depleting substances) such as HCFCs and CFCs, should be scrapped in a controlled environment. 

There is a fine of up to £2,500 and grounds for prosecution if you fail to comply with this regulation.

We dispose of items in a professional manner and according to all legal requirements.100%
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